Agape Procedures

1.  Total agape needed for Pilgrims and Team Members is 61 pieces. The outside servant team is NOT to receive any agape on any walk.

2.  Agape for Pilgrims only is 36 pieces.

3.  Please do not put individual names on Agape items.  Reunion group names are fine, but no individual names. If labels with names are included, they will be removed and replaced

4.  Food and Drink Agape will be delivered to the Food Agape Room.  Each food item needs to be labeled as to its contents and the provider’s name.  It would also be helpful to designate “low sugar/low carb/low fat” where applicable. A tablet will be available to log in drinks.

5.  Sponsors should provide snack items that their Pilgrim enjoys or which are in compliance with dietary needs.  Sponsors should also provide at least a 12-pack of their Pilgrim’s favorite drink.

6.  An “Agape Drop” zone is being set up in the Agape Room.  It will be a table situated near the outside entrance to the Agape Room (door closest to the sidewalk).  As Agape is off-loaded, it can be delivered to that area where it will be logged and designated for distribution during the weekend.

7.  For each set of agape brought, it would be very helpful if a 3×5 index card is attached or included with the following information:    Description of agape item, a count of the number of pieces, specific instructions as to distribution (for example, after a specific talk or event during the weekend), and the name of the individuals or group providing the agape.

8.  A completed sample index card, pens, and blank index cards will be provided at the Agape Drop table to assist in labeling agape, if needed.

9.  Pilgrim letters collected by the Sponsors can be left on the Agape Drop table, as well.